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Meet our team

HK Ascensions

Whether our clients are searching for a specific property to fit their needs or looking to sell, develop or build on currently owned property. HK Ascensions Inc provides the professional real estate development expertise and guidance that ensures the success of your venture. As real estate developers, contractors, architects, and consultants we put our extensive resources and experience to work and provide you with an immediate advantage to you and your project.


Lynne Jackson

Audit & Compliance

Rebecca Shelton

Ecotourism / Energy Environment & Sustainability

John Lindner

Land Use & Development

Kristopher Harris

Project Management

Christopher Jackson

Financial Consulting

David Harris

Logistics & Aviation / Government Contracts

Hagan Michael

Commercial Advisor / Capital Infusion

Jackson Allen

Property Management Florida

Jakarri Thomas

Healthcare Consulting

Nolan Norton

Property Management Texas

Raekwon Williams

Residential Real Estate Advisor

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